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My Puff Pastry experiments!

With the madness of the Durga Puja now over, I am back with my new post. Durga Pujo means fun, friends, nostalgia and food!! So here’s another chapter from my culinary journey. In the Greater Charlotte area, a huge grocery store chain called Food Lion was well-known and was the one that we frequented. OftenContinue reading “My Puff Pastry experiments!”

Mughlai Paratha

If you have read my previous posts you would already know about Gajenda and his cooking prowess. One of the items that he excelled at was Mughlai Paratha. While in US there were days when we had those sudden cravings for some Kolkata-special delicacy. My first attempt at Mughlai paratha happened on one such evening,Continue reading “Mughlai Paratha”

The Three Musketeers

In the time following our Diwali party, I had become quite well acquainted with 2 of my colleagues … one of them a Punjabi who lived in Haryana and one who belonged to the city made famous by the valour of Rani Laxmibai – you guess it, Jhansi! There are people with whom you hitContinue reading “The Three Musketeers”

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